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Custom Fields
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There is often more information that needs to be collected when creating a Quote for a customer. Custom Fields will allow for the ultimate flexibility in collecting additional information that doesn’t modify the price of the Quote.

Custom Fields are attached to either the Template or an Item as shown in the examples below:

Template Custom Field with Optional Template Custom Field Section Header

Item Custom Field

You can manage Custom Fields by navigating to Items > Custom Fields or Templates > Custom Fields to manage the associated Custom Fields. Alternatively, when adding or editing an Item or Template, you can manage the associated Custom Fields in the Settings tab, near the bottom of the page. The options are pretty simple, as seen here:

If you choose the date type when adding a new custom field, a date picker will appear when the input is clicked, and the date will be formatted as per your Date Format setting in Settings > General:

If you choose the dropdown type when creating a new custom field, you will be asked to provide the list of options, one per line:

Once the Quote is created, the Template Custom Fields are shown below the pricing table, and the Item Custom Fields are shown just below the Item Options:

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