Quoter allows you to bundle Child Items with Parent Items. Bundling works very well for including mandatory products or services that are closely related to a parent product or service. An example might be mandatory support or setup charges.

1. Create a Child Item

To create bundled Items, you must first create a Child Item. In the top menu, navigate to Quotes > Items and then click + New Item.

Under Item Level, select Child, and fill in your Item details, including product and pricing information. When you’re finished, click Save at the bottom.

2. Associate your Child Item with one or more Parent Items

Click on the Item Bundling > + Add Item where you'll either associate a Parent Item to a Child Item or a Child Item to a Parent Item depending upon which Item you're creating/editing:

When clicking on + Add Item you'll be presented with either all of the Parent Items (i.e. Item Level set to Parent) or all of the Child Items (i.e. Item Level set to Child).

If you know what Item you'll be adding, you can utilize the search feature to filter by Name as per the example below:

3. Associate your Parent Item with a Template (optional)

Next, you can choose to associate your Parent Item with one or more Templates so that the Parent and Child Item(s) are automatically added to Quotes created using that template.


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