As Item details can change on a Quote-by-Quote basis, the Editable Item feature allows you the flexibility to change details based upon the Quote you're creating.

Simply click on the "pencil" in the top right corner of the appropriate Item as shown in the screenshot below:

The "Edit One Time Item" lightbox will be displayed to to change the Item details as required:

If selecting "Yes" under "Override Pricing" as per the example below, you'll be able to change the 'Unit Price' of your Item to either reflect customer specific pricing or time-sensitive pricing:

If Cost and Margin is enabled on your account, and you're privy to Cost and Margin Data, you can choose to override the Item's Cost by checking the box to the left of "Override Cost?" as shown in the screenshot above.

Once selected, the familiar inputs when adding/editing Cost, Margin and Markup data will be displayed as per the example below:

Please note:
The changes made to the price/cost will be applied to the appropriate Currency based on the customer's location should a Secondary Currency be enabled on the account.

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