The CSS style “page-break-before” is now supported, and allows control over page breaks on the Quote PDF delivery of Quotes where you'll effectively be CSS to whatever element (i.e. Section Heading, Paragraph, etc) you're working with.

See the below examples for the respective elements:

  • Header would be: <h1 style="page-break-before: always;">Headline</h1>

  • Section heading would be <div style="page-break-before:always;">Section Heading</div>

  • Paragraph would be <p style="page-break-before: always;">This is paragraph text</p> 

Included below is an example where the above HTML has been entered into the appropriate areas of the CKEditor:

Alternatively, we've also added a page break button to the toolbar as shown in the screenshot below when working within the editor that will add the page break automatically to the content entered in the CKEditor:

Quoter Tip
If the length of your Quote changes on a Quote-by-Quote basis (i.e. Quoting additional items, etc), the Page Break option may not be recommended as it could break in odd places.

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