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Adding Images to Quoter Editor
Adding Images to Quoter Editor
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You can add images anywhere within Quoter that shows the editor as seen in the screenshot below:

Images can be added by copying and pasting the image address or uploading an image saved to your computer. 

See how add an image to the editor using the available methods below: 

Use an image address

To start, ensure your image is sized appropriately (maximum of 400 pixels wide for Item Descriptions and 900 pixels wide for Quote Template Content), and hosted somewhere on the web. If you cannot host the images on your own website, there are many free services that will allow you to do this, such as or

1. Once you have the image URL to the image, click on the image icon in the editor:

2. Enter the Image URL in the URL field:

Use the Preview pane to adjust the width and height accordingly. 

3. Once done, click "OK" and your image will be displayed inside the editor:

Upload an Image

You can also select to upload an image saved to your computer. You will still want to start by ensuring your image is both sized appropriately and optimized prior to uploading. 

1. Click the image icon in the editor: 

2. Click on the Upload tab: 

3. Select "Choose File", navigate to the image you want to select from your computer. 

4. Next click "Upload Image"

Note: If "Upload Image" is not clicked you will receive an error indicating the 'Image source URL is missing.' which can be resolved by clicking Ok on the warning prompt, and clicking Upload Image

5. Once done, click "OK" and your image will be displayed. 

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