If you're experiencing an image added to your Quote Template Content being rendered in grayscale when viewing the PDF, the problem is likely a result of the image's color space being CYMK and not RGB. 

The CYMK Image can be added to the Quoter Editor as per the screenshot below:

While the added Image will be rendering correctly within the Quoter Editor and when viewing the Image via the Quote Web View as per the screenshot below:

It will not, however, be rendering correctly when viewing the Quote PDF and will instead be rendered in grayscale as per the screenshot below:

This can be confirmed by viewing the image info to confirm the color space is CMYK:

This rendering issue can be resolved by changing the Color space from CYMK to RGB. On Mac for example, open the Image via Preview and click File > Export to change the Format to PNG:

Viewing the Info for the exported PNG image will confirm the Color space is now RGB:

Once the Color space has been changed from CYMK to RGB you'll need to update the image in Quoter:

Click OK after successfully uploading the Image:

Save the changes and create a new Quote to confirm the updated image is being rendered correctly when viewing the Quote PDF:

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