Once logged into Quoter, the first step is to update your account information (Account Name, Address, Contact Information) by going to Account > Settings > Name > Account Name as shown in the screenshot below:

Also found under the Account > Settings is the Company Logo which we recommend to be less than 1 MB in size and in PNG format:

The logo will be displayed in the top left corner of the Quote PDF, and also displayed on your account login page:

Before we get to generating a Quote in Quoter, it's important to set your Default Currency, and add any additional Currencies (up to 5) by going to Settings > Currencies to set up accordingly:

After updating your account information, uploading your logo and selecting your Default Currency, the next step is to create your Items. Items can be created from the Dashboard by clicking on Create an Item from the Quoter Dashboard Wizard or by going to Items > + New Item shown in the below screenshot:

Items can also be imported into Quoter using our Item Importer by going to Items > Import Items.

Whether you've created a few test Items or chosen to import your Items, it's now time create your first Quote!

A new Quote can be created from the Dashboard or the Quotes tab by selecting the + New Quote button, and will allow you to select the appropriate Template to create a new Quote:

All Quotes created by Quoter are derived from Templates which can be used to pre-populate regularly quoted Items or provide a blank Template to add required Items on a Quote-by-Quote basis. We'll create your first Template for you ahead of your Onboarding session, but you can create Templates specifically designed to your needs. We'd love to walk you through this process during Onboarding process.

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