This article defines how data will be pushed from Quoter to FreshBooks Classic. Learn more about integrating with FreshBooks Classic in this article.

Module Mapping


When a Quote or Person is created in Quoter, the contact information will be automatically added to your FreshBooks account under People. If a Contact with a matching email address already exists in FreshBooks, it will be updated.


If enabled, when a Quote is created, an Estimate will be created in FreshBooks. When a Quote is edited in Quoter, a new Estimate will be created in FreshBooks with the version number reflected in the Estimate Notes (see below).

When a Quote’s status is changed to Accepted, Ordered, or Fulfilled, an Invoice will be automatically created in FreshBooks. If the Quote has any recurring items, a Recurring Invoice will also be created in FreshBooks.


When a Payment is accepted for a Quote via Quoter, a Payment will be automatically applied to the corresponding Invoice in FreshBooks.

Please note: Estimates (if enabled) that are created in FreshBooks will need to be handled manually in FreshBooks as the integration does not allow for Estimates to be updated.

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