Quoter supports recurring fees. Because Items attached to a Template may have varying recurring frequencies, Quoter must reconcile these into a single frequency, which is determined by this Template setting. Therefore, if any of the Items included on the Template contain recurring fees that are of a different billing frequency than the Template setting, their prices will be adjusted accordingly.

For example, if you indicate an Item has a flat fee cost of $120 per year, and set the Template recurring billing frequency to Monthly, the price shown on the Quote for the Item would be $10 per month ($120 per year/12 months in a year = $10 per month). This can be handy in situations where a maintenance or support fee is calculated annually but you want to collect the fees monthly for cashflow purposes.

Upfront payments and grace periods may be customized based on specific business practices. By default, the Template will bill recurring fees Monthly, starting upon time of purchase (1 payment up front), with no grace period. If, for example, the recurring fees were to commence a month after the initial contract, then the number of upfront payments should be set to 0, and the grace period 30 days.

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